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Date January 8, 2017
Name Joe Luongo
Home page
Year attended/Grad. year 70-72
Comments Graduated in 72. Hung out with Paul Rizzo,Paul Collins, Tony Das, Bill Flegil and Steve Grey. Lost contact with those guys years ago. Graduated from Curry in 74. Joined the Army and made it a career. Smartest thing I ever did. I'm retired and living near the thousand islands.Life is good I'm a lucky guy

Date May 4, 2016
Name Mary Andrejko Krotki
Home page
City Milford
State CT
Year attended/Grad. year 1977 - 1979
Comments I don't believe this! I just saw the 1978 yearbook for the first time ever! I don't think I ever knew that there was one! Thank you so much to the person who contributed it online! Does anyone know if there is any way that I can buy one? I guess there never was one for 1978 - 1979. Grahm Jr. College/Boston was a great place to be and seeing the yearbook brought back a lot of awesome memories! 🙂

Date April 24, 2016
Name Bill Russo
Home page
City Hawich, Cape Cod
State Massachusetts
Year attended/Grad. year 1964
Comments Grham Memories: Almost got into a fight with Bill Russell of the Celtics - Johnny Most and Tommy Heinson saved me! Sat across from Haystack Calhoon (601 lb wrestler) on the MTA as I went to class at Grahm and he, dressed in suspender jeans with a real horseshoe around his neck, went to work. Studied Gloria Lynn and jazz from the African American man who worked as a custodian - if you were there in 64 you will know what I am saying. Love to all, Bill Russo (The Creature From the Bridgewater Triangle) 1964.

Date April 7, 2016
Name R.J. Kane
Home page
City Wilkes Barre
State PA
Year attended/Grad. year 73
Comments First signed the guestbook in 2002. Happened to come across it again just recently. Really enjoyed my years there.

Date February 9, 2016
Name Richard Pentheny
Home page
City Litchfield
State NH
Year attended/Grad. year 1978-1979

Date January 16, 2016
Name kathie Johnson kj
Home page face book kat Johnson Binney hopping
City boston
State Massachusetts
Year attended/Grad. year 76-78
Comments My first year my room was across the hall from harpo I remember your mother fights in the pit.and smoking nickel bags.hearing hey joe backdoor in the hallway long bus rides to brockton with carol blackman.mad dog 20/20 & manda..if you're out there leve a note on this site..the time I was there was full of adventure and fun. And I wouldn't trade any of that time..and if you remember me know

Date December 13, 2015
Name Steve Summers
Home page
City Fairfield Glade
State Tn
Year attended/Grad. year 1967-1969
Comments my current radio show can be downloaded At 35 minutes into the show you will hear an actual commercial recorded at WCSB for the Charlesgate Sub Shoppe ..AKA filthy's. here's the link below ( cut & paste) only available to Jan 10, 2016

Date November 30, 2015
Name John
Home page
City Worcester
State MA
Year attended/Grad. year grad1979
Comments I would like to hear from people in the last class to graduate.

Date November 18, 2015
Name Brenda Broxton
Home page
City Hamden
State Ct
Year attended/Grad. year 1973-75
Comments Graduated H.S. in 73,New Haven, Ct. Enrolled at Grahm 1973-1975 - Roommate Cheryl Nixon from Gary,Indiana - Fashion Merchandising Business Major - Did internship at Jordan Marsh - Looking for Sandra Jermott - Michael "Macy" Dunn - Manny Desenna - Working @ Yale New Hospital 38 years - Buyer for Engineering -

Date September 21, 2015
Name Mary Anne Latham Tufts
Home page
City Port Clyde
State ME
Year attended/Grad. year 1972
Comments James Clifton Tufts is my husband--also graduated Grahm in 1972. We live at P. O. Box 288, 69 Drift Inn Road, Port Clyde, ME 04855; 325-315-0486 or 325-812-7227.

Date September 12, 2015
Name Andrew Parise
Home page
City NY
State NY
Year attended/Grad. year 65-67
Comments Had the greatest 2 years at Cambridge..Wadsworth pur terrace over looking Fenway.. Kenmore ...the blackout! A group of us started Delta Omega Delta Tom Perra, Jeff Nusdorff Bob Hanks & Dickie Pauser..Great memories ! I was in the Business School took one course in Retail/Marketing & ended up my whole career in the textile biz & still in it.Would live to hear from those during that crazy great time!

Date September 1, 2015
Name Helen Baer
Home page
City Aventura
State Florida
Year attended/Grad. year 69-71
Comments Just came upon this site. I am so pleased that somebody took the time to write about our days at college. Felt so sad when I heard the school was closing. I for one am proud I graduated from Grahm in 1971.

Date August 28, 2015
Name Steve Hadd
Home page
City Fairfield Glade
State Tennessee
Year attended/Grad. year 1967--1969
Comments We sold our home in New Hampshire in May 2105 and moved to Tennessee! best move we've made!!! I wish all Gramites a great time at the reunion in September. Hope to hear from anyone that remembers 1967-1969! and Leavitt Hall sixth floor. Still doing an oldies radio show. WWW. OLDIES TIME MACHINE. COM please check it out! archives to download.

Date August 19, 2015
Name Jim Mc Court
Home page
City Woolwich
State Maine
Year attended/Grad. year 1964/65
Comments This week I made contact with two classmates:George Wade from Business and John Beaulieu from Broadcasting. Am still looking for Steve Ruscoe,Steve Levy and Lindy Bagg and any others who were at 280 Comm Ave during those 2 years.Also would like to hear from Dotty Levesque and Sandy Hayes who were also in The Business Program.

Date July 25, 2015
Name suzan barratt
Home page
City stuart
State Florida
Year attended/Grad. year 72-dec.73
Comments Such a strange trip it's been! I left because of turmoil when I left Kenmore Hall,after summer school,firstfloor,fora townhouse overlooking the river in Beacon Hill.After a second mugging,Iloaned my reel to reel to a fellow classmate who also claimed to have been mugged that day and it was stolen and then my two graham roomates decided to sublet one of the bedrooms to a drug addict,Iwas so disallusionedand my studies suffered also from commuting,plus I also worked as a stereo salesman.I went home forThanksgiving and cameback to find my room wasrobbed of all my music and recording equipment,I had lost all trustwhen I learned it was an inside job.I went on to work in recording and promotion and toured for5 years with some amazing famous bands. Boston was a #$@%! of crazy life in those years with bussing, drugs and culture.

Date July 4, 2015
Name Jacky Titus
Home page
City North Quincy
State MA Massachusetts
Year attended/Grad. year 1978
Comments Now living in North Quincy, MA as of 2000 after having moved from various towns/cities years before then! Employed part-time at a local grocery store. I enjoy the city life, taking the T everywhere. I spend time seeing family members who live out of state. Became the proud Great-aunt of a niece back in 2010. Also, have a sponsor son through the Save the Children program.

Date June 15, 2015
Name Rick Weden
Home page
City Dover
State Mass
Year attended/Grad. year 1977
Comments Ohooo so good to see all these comments from so many folks. Jane C! Richard, my neighbor buddy, Harpo, on and on. So here we are in 2015. Still playing the drums, yes, life can't go on without that! After four years on the road playing full time I made my career change to insurance. still in that crazy field, living in Dover. Raising a family with one daughter out on her own, and the other still in school. She's just like her dad. Oh no! So I'll stop here and hope to hear from some of you. All the best! Rick.

Date April 30, 2015
Name Calvin Chapman
Home page
City Stamford
State Connecticut
Year attended/Grad. year 1971-1973
Comments Whaaaasup Grahmites ? Couch Perkins had the best college football team Grahm ever had in 71 , probably because it was the only team Grahm ever had ! I was a television,radio production and performance major and had the lead role in R.J Kanes production of "A MATTER OF CONDUCT" in "73" Once graduating from Grahm I went into the fasion industry where I became a model for a group called "INTERNATIONAL MANNEQUINS" in NYC which I did runway modeling and shortly after opened my own agency in CT called "FULLER & CHAPMAN PRODUCTIONS" where we had an original idea of promoting up-coming designers through showcasing them in fashion shows we put on throughout CT. I eventually got a job working for the Children's Television Workshop in NYC for a television show called 321 CONTACT as a production assistant. During the same time I worked for the state of ct in the Dept. Of Developmental Services servicing people with special needs in a residential setting and also became active building a strong union and a member of the executive b

Date April 22, 2015
Name Bob Farman
Home page
City Chicopee
State MA>
Year attended/Grad. year 1968
Comments Bill, I have a copy of 1967 & 68 yearbook

Date April 1, 2015
Name Joel Grossman
Home page
City West Newbury
State MA
Year attended/Grad. year Director of Counseling Services, '78-'79
Comments I fondly remember my time directing the Counseling Center, and helping organize marches to the State House to try to keep the school open, and that crazy final semester after the president RE-opened the school, before it was sold to some company that buys up dying schools and strips them of anything worth selling. I particularly remember teaching an acting class and, feeling the tension in the room, had everybody screaming for awhile.

Date March 1, 2015
Name gregory vasale
Home page
City webster
State ma
Year attended/Grad. year 1969
Comments out of the blue, I got a phone call from Ted G. 3- 1- 15 Haven't heard anything about Graham in years, and had just one other contact from 25 years ago or something like that.

Date February 28, 2015
Home page
City Boston
State MA
Year attended/Grad. year 1950-1979
Comments It's Time! It's being planned! Join the mailing list & Stay Tuned! Send an email to with the word "Subscribe" in the subject line. Also, bookmark that's where we'll keep an anchor to all the reunion information like the date, place, time, etc.

Date December 11, 2014
Name luis cruztiburcio
Home page
City jacksonville
State nc
Year attended/Grad. year 77-79/1979
Comments always have Grahaam years in my heart. Alot of good times and definitely an life learning experience. Always LEARN BY DOING !

Date November 5, 2014
Name Paul Bailey
Home page
City Newington
State Ct
Year attended/Grad. year 1970
Comments Bender? Di Bona? Figinshu? Kennedy?

Date September 27, 2014
Name Robert
Home page
City North Reading
State Ma
Year attended/Grad. year 1976
Comments Had my best time at Graham. Went for radio but after having Mikie Dickoff as a teacher I moved to television. After, went to Emerson. Worked in the Film business for over 12 yrs. as a Director of Photography. Then due to the economy crashing, I became a police office. Retired in 2004 after a bad accident on the job.