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Date January 17, 2005
Name Zeeshan Mona
Email Info@raza.com
City Chicago
State IL
Country USA
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Date January 24, 2007
Name Zach N
Email neisespieces@yahoo.com
City willmar
State mn
Country usa
Comments Buffalo is a special place which i will always go back to.People are so friendly and nice it makes me feel i grew up here. Also the scenery surrounding this city is amazing! I come here every summer to do some hiking and will be back every year after. Thanks for the memories! Zach N

Date May 15, 2007
Name WT
City Lacrosse
State wi
Country usa
Comments Cloud Peak wilderness, not Ghost

Date May 15, 2007
Name WarrenThomas
Email laxfd18@hotmail.com
City LaCrosse
State Wi
Country USA
Comments Very beautiful country. The ghost peak wilderness is awesome. My Dad is campground hosting this summer in the Bighorns. I hope I can make it out of the busy city, to the perfect country.

Date February 4, 2010
Name waitus garrett
Email waitusgarrett@att.net
City lansing
State mich
Country USA
Comments I was in riverton,wy in 1959. Me,and a friend, Ray Chavez, who lived there , were on leave, we were in the Navy. we did some huntng in the Teton mts,and they were tall,awsome,I loved them. Hope to be back some day.

Date May 2, 2001
Name Virgil Hubbard
Email wingman90gl1500@juno.com
City Cedar Hill
State Mo
Country USA
Comments We have traveled through the Big Horns several times on our touring motorcycles. It was always spectacular!!!! Now we want to come and stay a few days to really enjoy the quite and beauty.

Date July 24, 2003
Name Tyrel Hulet
Email tytaz@wyoming.com
City Buffalo
State WY
Country U.S.
Comments What can i say about the Big Horns? No one can truly and resonably put this great mountain range into words. For all 18 years of my life I have had the fortune to live at the foot of such beauty and serenity. The Big Horns were my first love ever since i set foot upon them for the first time o so many years ago. My family and I are even fortunate enough to be building a cabin on our land that is set right beneath the Hazelton Pyramid on Hazelton Road. Just Yesterday I viewed a herd of Elk (5 bulls two cows, and the biggest bull I have ever seen) grazing, then playing around with a bull moose, just 200 yrds from the front door of our cabin. One of the most notable things I have noticed about this awe inspiring mountain range, is that from day to day the peaks never look the same. Some days they are drawn back, as though you are looking at them from a thousand miles away, and other days, they look as though you are right uder them. If you have the means, drive into Elgin Park and find yourself a good view of the peaks. Freque

Date February 1, 2006
Name Ty
City Gillette
State Wyoming
Country USA
Comments My family has a cabin on Middle Fork. The pictures are great, there is really something unique to the range. The tetons are amazing, Yellowstone is splendid, and the Winds are incredible, but the Big Horns are more majestic in my eyes.

Date May 16, 2007
Name Troy Woodson
City Stanley
State Iowa
Country U S A

Date February 4, 2001
Name Travis Julian
Email t1851@aol.com
City Barrington
State IL
Country USA
Comments Please send tourist information

Date January 13, 2001
Email gemrock36_2000@yahoo.com
City DeBary
State Florida
Country USA
Comments I visited friends in Story, WY in the summer of 1997. Rode horses, fished, made trips to the high campgrounds in the Big Horns. I did not get to the Medicine Wheel. I know I will return. For now the memories and photos will have to do. I returned to Florida with inspiration inside gained from connecting with the wilderness there. Contact me if you like to chat about how getting out into nature renews the spirit.

Date May 30, 2007
Name Todd and Cindy Lenarz
Email oldman9963@yahoo.com
City Milaca
State MN
Country mille lacs

Date January 23, 2001
Name Tim Johnson
Email timberly2000@earthlink.net
City Seattle
State WA
Country KING
Comments Gunboat has NO FISH!

Date October 6, 2003
Name Tim Baggett
Email tjbaggett@cherokeega.com
City Ellijay
State Georgia
Country USA
Comments We finally bought some mountain property in the Bighorns to use as our own little campground. It doesnt get any better than that.

Date August 6, 2002
Name tim

Date August 9, 2002
Name Tim
Email Grizzly101@tds.net
City copperhill
State Tn
Country 37317

Date April 7, 2006
Name Thomas Kees
Email tomrkees@yahoo.com
City Neenah
State WI
Country USA
Comments Our Scout Venturing Crew 9110 from Neenah is planning a week long trip to the Bighorn Range this summer, early August. Looks beautiful!

Date January 21, 2007
Name Thomas C. Jones
Email tcgysgt@bresnan.net
City Billings
State MT
Country USA
Comments Looking for a campground host posistion

Date May 4, 2014
Name Teri Laman
Email Wemisswyoming2@aol.com
City Phillipsburg
State NJ
Country USA
Comments Will be visiting in August!

Date May 5, 2002
Name teresa
Email blonde_teresa@yahoo.com
State wisconsin
Comments i loved the mountains when we had the chance to visit last year!! we will be back this june and was wondering if you have any tips on the best places to go, we will be arriving in buffalo wy.........thanks .....teresa

Date September 14, 2003
Name teresa
Email blonde_teresa@yahoo.com
State wisconsin
Comments we have been vacationing in the bighorn mountains for the last 3 years, we have always come in early june to see the mountains full of wildflowers. i would like to know if fall is a good time to travel to these awsome mountains and what to look for in the fall if anyone could help me i would appriciate it ..........tanks teresa

Date June 17, 2001
State AZ
Country USA

Date June 18, 2009
Name Teco Brown
City Madison
State Maine
Country USA
Comments I'm looking forward to visiting the Big Horn Mtns. this coming August.

Date September 13, 2005
Name Tecarra
Email carra4eva@yahoo.com
City Benton Harbor
State Michigan
Country United States
Comments i think this site has some info i need for my project at school the reason i picked this specific mountain is because it sounded very interesting (i am not a nerd!).

Date February 16, 2006
Name Susie Heine
Email suesbomb@yahoo.com
City Sheridan
State WY
Country USA
Comments I love this website! I am so glad that you were able to put some of mine and my brother's photos to good use. Keep up the great work!



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