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Date March 5, 2010
Name alan underwood
Email alanu13@hotmail.com
City sheridan
State WY
Country USA

Date June 13, 2003
Name alex bullock
Email abullock@huntel.net
City blair
State nebraska
Country usa
Comments originally from moorcroft wyoming. Have loved the big horns for more than 20 years.

Date November 26, 2002
Name amanda wartman
City east beaver bay
State mn
Country us

Date July 25, 2002
Name andrea rollings
Email rollings@sherbtel.net
City becker
State MN
Country USA
Comments Planning our third trip to the Bighorns. Would appreciate great spots to trout fish and camp. thanks

Date January 11, 2004
Name Anne Rees
Email Mary_white_21@hotmail.com
Country Wales, U.K.
Comments We stayed at the Blue Gables Motel July 18 & 19, 1990 and enjoyed walking the paths towards mountains, the "Blue Sky" mall!!!!, speaking to people and driving locally. A lovely visit.

Date March 18, 2005
State KY
Country USA

Date July 31, 2006
Name Artie Curtis
Email misterbee@cox.net
City Fredericksburg
State VA
Country US
Comments My wife and I took a western vacation this past spring. We toured Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin. As we were travelling through Wyoming, we saw the Bighorn mountains to the west, and having no idea what they were, we decided to take an impromptu trip in their direction. We had never been there before, in fact, had never heard of the Bighorns. We we struck by their beauty and ruggedness. We were fascinated by the drive through the canyons and mountain passes. We were delighted to see snow at one of the 9400 ft passes. Springtime in Virginia just doesnt have snow :). We would not think of going in this direction again without passing through the Bighorns. We recommend the trip to anyone.

Date February 17, 2005
Name Bagger Jim
City Big Bend
State Wisconsin
Comments We have been riding the Big Horns since the Mid 80's and never get tired of the area. The people are great and the riding is top shelf!

Date July 16, 2007
Name Bagger Jim
City Big Bend
State WI
Country USA

Date June 26, 2001
Name Barb and Bob Smoyer
City Grantville
State PA
Country USA

Date July 22, 2007
Name Barrens
Email barrens@google.com
City Washington
State Washington
Country USA

Date August 11, 2010
Name Barry Ingram
City Worcester
State Worrcestershire
Country England
Comments Just got back from an amazing trip in the Big Horns mountains, What a lovely clean place.

Date June 30, 2008
Name Becky
City Oakdale
State MN
Country USA
Comments After spending a week in the Big Horns, I am officially in love with the area.

Date September 12, 2010
Name Becky Forbess
Email rebfor623@yahoo.com
City Abilene
State Texas
Country USA
Comments Wyoming is awesome and I hope to visit there soon.I am an avid C.J.Box reader so many of the places I saw pictures of and read about I was familiar with and that made it so much more interesting.Thank you so much for sharing. An envious Texan--also, a big Chris LeDoux fan forever.

Date April 3, 2007
Name Bert Slifko
Email bslifko@msn.com
City Phoenix
State AZ
Country USA

Date July 4, 2010
Name Bill & Bay Irwin
City Dumfries
State Virginia
Comments Great-grandparents, grand parents and father all lived in Sheridan, Big Horn and Story, and loved the Big Horn mountains. Have traveled out to Wyoming as often as possible and we'll return to Sheridan this month for a week. A great western experience, and one that beckons as retirement thoughts solidify.

Date July 18, 2003
Name Bill & Rita Rohrbaugh
Email rirohrbaugh@aol.com
City Henderson
State NV
Country Clark
Comments We're planning to retire in beautiful Buffalo, WY in the next few years. It's the prettiest place in the country, with the nicest people.

Date December 6, 2004
State OH
Country USA

Date October 29, 2015
Name Bill cleveland
Email clevelandbill477@gmail.com
City north adams
State Massachusetts
Country usa

Date January 4, 2010
Name Bill Davis
Email billykid44@yahoo.com
City Mt Juliet
State Tn
Country USA
Comments Hope to vist Wyoming & Montana, in the near future. A must as part of my retirement.

Date September 25, 2006
Name Bob Martin
Email sprucegoose50@yahoo.com
City Uniontown
State Pa
Country Fayette
Comments Thank you much for sharing some really wonderful photos.Some day,God willing, I would love visit you all can't afford it right now. Thanks much, Bob

Date March 20, 2002
Name Bob Vick
Email mrobertvick@aol.com
City Schaumburg
State IL
Country Cook
Comments Looks beautiful. I don't know if I can get out there this summer, I'm going to try.

Date March 4, 2001
Name Brad Stutesman
Email bsstutes@msn.com
City Pierre
State SD
Country USA

Date July 10, 2005
Name Bradley
Email www.festive_01@yahoo.com
City Raleigh
State NC
Country USA
Comments A native of Wyoming, but I have been away to long. Went back 'home' for one month and was surprised and please to see it snow in June. Oh how wonderful. I miss the wide open spaces and the people. I live in the city now, I feel like I have become an 'eastern tender foot.' Hope someday to relocate myself to more western ventures!

Date July 14, 2001
Name Bradley Lee



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