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Date January 7, 2000
Name Keith M. Young
Email ky512@mciworld.com
City Austin
State Texas
Country USA
Comments My Dad is a Buffalo native and I have many relatives in the area. I haven't seen the Big Horns for 2 years, but I plan to this summer. I love Buffalo, the Big Horns, and Wyoming. I took a friend of mine to the Big Horns once and he said, "God, this is great, Yellowstone without Tourists." Of course, I know you have lots of Tourists, but we were fishing on Doyle Creek, and there was no one around. Can't wait to return. Keith Young

Date January 13, 2000
Name Craig Johnson
Email jcj@means.net
City Rushford
State MN
Country USA
Comments I, along with two of my friends, are planning a backpacking trip to the Lake Solitude and Mistymoon Lake Area around early to mid August. This will be our 4th visit to this area, although it has been several years since we were there last. I look forward to visiting your web page often up to the date of our trip, and after. One quick question: Is the Busy Bee Cafe still going strong? It is traditional that we eat breakfast there the morning we begin our hike.

Date January 30, 2000
Name Keith Young
Email ky512@mciworld.com
City Pflugerville
State Tx
Country USA
Comments Where are you located. When I see the current thermometer, what town is that in?

Date January 30, 2000
Name Keith Young
Email ky512@mciworld.com
Comments I forgot to ask you. Does the Buffalo Bulletin have a WEB site. Thanks.

Date February 9, 2000
Name Jared
Email Speedr2778@yahoo.com
City Sioux Falls
State SD
Country United States
Comments hi I love your website! I want to be a Ranger up in the Big Horn Mt. when I grow up!I went to the Big Horn Mt. in the summer it was fun!

Date February 18, 2000
Name Rob Yingling
Email ryinglin@wyoming.com
City Buffalo
State Wyoming
Country USA
Comments I'm sorry to report that the Busy Bee Diner, one of Buffalo, Wyoming's landmark businesses, has closed. After 73 years, the diner closed its doors on February 15th. The Busy Bee was featured in the movie "Endangered Species" which was primarily filmed in Buffalo and starred actor Robert Urich.

Date April 5, 2000
Name Kim
Email Kim_star2000@hotmail.com
City London
Country England
Comments Hi there! I just wanted to say Hello from England! I`ve been fascinated with Wyoming ever since I was a kid and read the "silver Brumby" books! I`m coming to the USA for the first time in a weeks time, to San Fransisco and I`m going to try to get to Wyoming if possible!Any suggestions on how to do this? Hope to see you soon!

Date April 8, 2000
Name John and Darlene Spillan
Email spillan@bellsouth.net
City Jacksonville
State Florida
Country Duval

Date April 27, 2000
Name jennifer ferguson
Email jlf@one.net
City cincinnati
State ohio
Country usa
Comments im going to visit wyoming this summer and just checking out web sites..

Date June 9, 2000
Name Darrell L.Christiansen
Email dbn@vcn.com
City Rock Springs
State Wy.

Date June 15, 2000
Name Charlie & Barbara Pitts
Email cpitts@dellnet.com
City Norwood
State MA

Date June 28, 2000
Name michael caldwell
Email lock9_99@yahoo.com
City russellville
State arkansas
Country pope

Date August 23, 2000
Name Jim Porter
Email jporter@mail.clis.com
City Roper
State NC
Country USA
Comments Love Wyomig!!!!!

Date August 26, 2000
Name Roy Mandel
City Appleton
State Wi
Country U,S>
Comments I will be back. LOve the west. Have hiked alot in this state. Just love to look at info. Happy trails to you.

Date August 31, 2000
Name cyndi bonetti
Email cbonetti@fbnmails.com
City jackson
State wy
Comments looking forward to visiting

Date October 15, 2000
Name ken miller
Email millers3@shianet.org
City gaines
State mi.
Country usa

Date November 18, 2000
Name Kenny & Tammy Gross
Email trgross@bright.net
City Greenville,
State Ohio
Country Darke
Comments Been thru this area and will do so again, thanks for the memories refresher.

Date November 19, 2000
Name Brian Bell
Email bellboy86@aol.com
City Bartlesville
State oklahoma
Country usa
Comments I moved to oklahoma from sheridan wyoming two years ago. I sure do miss all you guys up north hope to be moving back in 2 years!!!

Date November 22, 2000
Name Mark Lull
Email gladman@btc-bci.com
City Bangor
State Michigan
Country USA
Comments First time out west, saw the Bighorns and vowed to come back. Been many places out west but the Bighorns have a special intrigue. Hope to come back in a year or two. Request: More information regarding hiking trails within the Bighorns. Thanks for the information!

Date January 1, 2001
Name Scott Pittman
Email scottpittman2@home.com
City Pueblo
State CO
Comments I once lived on top of the Bighorn Mountain at Arrowhead Lodge witch my parents owned. From 1978 to 1985 at the age of 18 I couldn't wait to move off the mountain, now at the age of 34 I would do anything to get back. The people and the great times will always remain in my head. And look foreward to visting as much as possible.

Date January 2, 2001
Name La'Tonia Smith
Email magnolia-hickernut@juno.com
City Richland Hills
State TX
Country USA
Comments If you have free info., please send to 3716 London Lane Richland Hills, TX 76118

Date January 4, 2001
Name John S. J
City Lodge Grass
State Montana
Country North America
Comments Is the state line between wyoming and THEE CROW RESERVATION exact? And I also think Montana side has more game such as elk, deer, and even grizzleys.

Date January 4, 2001
Name jjs
City Lodge Grass
State Montana
Country North America
Comments Is the state line between wyoming and THEE CROW RESERVATION exact? And I also think Montana side has more game such as elk, deer, and even grizzleys.

Date January 5, 2001
Name ed booth
Email graceus@bellsouth.net
City montevallo
State alabama
Comments looking forward to our visit in june. 1st time to wyoming, bringing 2 of our grandchildern.

Date January 7, 2001
Name sharon doud
City stuart
State ia, 50250
Country adair
Comments Please send tourism information Sharon Doud 1591 Stuart Road Stuart, IA 50250



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