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Date March 11, 2001
Name petra neeleman
Email petran@dutchcare.com.au
Home Page
City Melbourne
State Victoria
Country Australia
Comments DutchCare is launching into the Eden Alternative. I have forwarded stories and updates to you separately.

Date March 12, 2001
Name Ingrid Witzig
Email irwitzig@worldnet.att.net
Home Page
City St. Petersburg
State FL
Country Pinellas
Comments I am interested in work currently being done in Florida regarding Eden Alternative. Thank you for your wonderful, much needed work!! Ingrid Witzig

Date March 17, 2001
Name Kathleen Laugherty
Email morningmuse@hotmail.com
Home Page
City Orlando
State FL
Country USA
Comments Please add me to your mailing list. I'm interested in career opportunities in the Orlando, FL area. Am currently employed as Restorative Nurse @Westminster Towers.

Date March 21, 2001
Name John E. Lehman
Email jelehman46@hotmail.com
Home Page
City Sabetha
State Kansas
Country USA
Comments Appreciate the innovative ideas shared and hope to begin implementing some of them soon. Well done!

Date March 23, 2001
Name shirlie mackey
Email themackeys@bigpond.com
Home Page
City melbourne
State vic
Country australia
Comments hi,i have just returned from an imformative seminar on "edan approach". I would like more imformatiom ,and approaches to caring for the long term resident.

Date March 29, 2001
Name William Eckblad
Email nhcaredd@paulbunyan.net
Home Page www.tealwoodcc.com/northome.htm
City Northome
State MN
Country USA
Comments Interested in developing communities within the nursing home.

Date April 11, 2001
Name elizabeth Herrera/baldwin
Email khiam@webv.net
Home Page
City oscoda
State mich
Country usa
Comments I would to know if anyone can give me the name of a site that lists the edenized facilites in arizona, as I'm moving there and it is important to me that I work in an edenized community. thank-you

Date May 14, 2001
Name Mary Freeman
Email MFreeman@doh.state.nj.us
Home Page
City Trenton
State NJ
Country Mercer
Comments This is a great website. As Coordinator of the Eden Alternative Grant Program for NJ Dept of Health & Senior Services, this site will be added to my list of resources for the grant homes and consumers/providers requesting information about Eden Alternative and culture change in LTC.

Date May 14, 2001
Name Glenn Blacklock
Email glennb@ahemgt.com
Home Page ahemgt.com
City Morrison
State IL
Country USA
Comments This is a great new resource for everyone to use to make life better for others. If you are not involved in culture change in your community yet- get to it!

Date May 18, 2001
Name Daniel Luke
Email danielrluke@aol.com
Home Page
City Brooklyn
State New York
Country USA
Comments I have spent time working in a traditional nursing home, and I am as any normal person would be, I think, very happy to learn that there is an alternative. Can any one please tell me whether there are any such facilities that adhere to this approach in the Portland, Oregon, or New York City area?

Date May 23, 2001
Name Elma L. Holder
Email eholder@nccnhr.org
Home Page www.nursinghomeaction.org
City Washington
State D.C.
Comments Correction to comments just submitted! I should have read it over more carefully! I love your website which is a great asset to the culture change movement.I would love to talk to you, IF know one else at NCCNHR has, about including NCCNHR as one of your contacts. Rosemarie Fagan of the Pioneer Network can tell you of our involvement with and support of culture change, if you don't already know.

Date June 5, 2001
Name Sharon Szlener
Email sszlener@mwood.org
Home Page
City Worcester
State PA
Country Montgomery

Date June 6, 2001
Name Jennifer Brown, RN
Email brownj6@aol.com
Home Page
City Seattle
State Wa
Country USA
Comments I find the philosophy and ideas of Action Pact stimulating and exciting. As our senior population continues to increase in numbers, it is imperative that we continue to explore new and innovative ways in which to create a caring and sensitive environment. A new Culture, indeed.

Date June 10, 2001
Email winchesterfamily@cwctv.net

Date June 10, 2001
Name Michael Stroetzel
Email Strets01085@aol.com
Home Page
City Westfield
State MA
Country USA
Comments Send me all the info on culture change.....trying to do this in my facility...need creative ideas.. ...thanks -Mike-

Date June 22, 2001
Name Beth Tobin
Email tobinelizabeth@lcsnet.com
Home Page
City Greenwood
State IN
Country USA

Date July 15, 2001
Name Rebecca Magana
Email rebeccamagana77@hotmail.com
Home Page
City Skokie
State Il
Country USA
Comments Informative web site, would like more information about the Eden Alternative, amy looking for other LTC Facilities in this area so that I might visit. Thank You.

Date July 15, 2001
Name Liz Prosch
Email bpandlp@bellsouth.net
Home Page
City Birmingham
State Alabama
Country USA
Comments I am an Eden Alternative Associate and nursing home administrator. I sincerely believe that cultural change must take place if we are to save our industry and continue to attract good people to serve our elders. I am just beginning to take the initial steps to begin the journey of change within my organization. I need help and support. Thanks for a great web site. I will stay in touch.

Date July 18, 2001
Name marilyn
Home Page
City bristol
Country england
Comments i visited your site while doing some research on equal opportunities, i found it to be very imformative and helpful with my project. thank-you.

Date July 22, 2001
Name Sandy Moore
Email sandymoore_50@yahoo.com
Home Page
City Centerville
State SD
Country USA
Comments I live at the Good Sam. Care Center in Centerville SD USA 57014. We are trying to get the Eden Alternative started here but they go so slow! I'll keep praying for them and mabee it will get to feeling around here that they want to change!

Date July 22, 2001
Name Denise Kaszuk
Email Dee67421@MSN.COM
Home Page
City Lowell
State MA
Country USA
Comments One day if we are lucky enough, many will be very happy that there were people who cared. Thank You, Dee

Date July 26, 2001
Name Phil Gillespie
Email phillougill@webtv.net
Home Page
City Cartervlle
State Il
Country USA
Comments I am a volunteer ombudsman in So.Illinois and would like to know where there is a progressive LTC I could visit. I have been working to get Incomeng E-Mail for the residents started in the local facilities and that is taking hold slowley.

Date August 14, 2001
Name Ann C. Williams
Email awilliam@wesleyservices.org
Home Page
City Washington
State Iowa
Country USA
Comments Wesley is looking for innovative ways to "step out of the box" when providing for todays and tomorrows seniors. We are planning a trip to Minnesota tomorrow to tour facilities that have done just that. I am very excited - thank you!

Date August 14, 2001
Name Rick Meyer
Email rmeyer@wesleyservices.org
Home Page
City Des Moines
State Iowa
Country Polk
Comments I am the Administrator of Wesley Acres, a 300 unit CCRC. Will travel to Big Fork Aug 2001 with other company administrators to view the new culture created by Northern Ithasca Health Center staff and residents. Hope to move in your direction. Thanks for your leadership. Your story is very compelling and the website packed with motivating accomplishments. Keep up the great work! Rick Meyer

Date August 19, 2001
Name Peggy Hall
Email phall1980@hotmail.com
Home Page
City Owosso
State Mi